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  FileMaker Development  

Absolute Matter specialises in development of software using FileMaker Pro, a powerful and flexible platform for delivering your data to Windows, Mac and Web platforms. Our developers have over ten years experience in FileMaker consulting and software engineering systems for one to several hundred users.

Whether you need a simple solution to print labels or a fully featured application suite to track staff, sales and inventory information, we can provide a scalable and flexible software package which can be developed along with your business.

Our primary aim is to provide our clients with flexible software and deliver immediately useful and efficient solutions that have the capacity to grow with your business.

If you need an experienced FileMaker developer to provide support for your existing solutions or develop an entirely new bespoke software package to help you manage your business, Absolute Matter is ready and able to assist.


We begin every FileMaker project with an open and honest meeting between the client and our project manager in order to gain an understanding of the current processes and technology in use.

The next step is to provide a full technical brief to outline the changes required for your new processes and technology to work to their fullest potential.

This is a collaborative effort between the client and development team which aims to keep communication between the developers and client open, which ultimately saves development time.


At regular stages during the development of your software, we deliver tested working software for your evaluation. This enables you to provide feedback to the development team at earlier stages of the process and helps us confirm the software is meeting your needs earlier rather than on delivery.

This approach results in faster delivery of a better, more tailored solution.


Reporting on the data you have gathered is critical to the success of your business. See instantly who is your best customer or sales person and discover trends earlier.
Reports can be designed and run with a single click, or we can build you custom report tools that allow you to choose the type of information you want to see.

Print your reports to printers, PDF documents or Excel spreadsheets and email them to your contacts instantly.

  Support and Consultancy  

We support all FileMaker solutions running on every version, regardless of who developed them.

Whether you wrote a simple solution for your company that needs maintenance or you have a solution developed by another FileMaker developer that needs attention, we can help maintain and improve your business critical tools whenever you need.

To find out what we can do for your business, contact us now.

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